Ensuring Successful and Secure Data Migration

Data Migration

Take advantage of our worldwide migration experience!

The transition from AIS to AIM requires a process known as data migration, which involves the transfer of a significant amount of safety-critical data to a database from which it may be transferred to other systems. It is therefore vital that when the system becomes operational, its data is correct and up-to-date.

Data migration requires a deep understanding of the operational concept as well as aeronautical, terrain and obstacle data, in order to ensure that correct processes are followed to maintain data integrity and to provide an efficient migration process.

Indra Avitech has years of proven experience in conducting safe and successful data migration for its customers. The data migration services include identifying the best sequence of action for migrating aeronautical static data, obstacle data, AIP text data and aeronautical charts, conducting checks and reviews during migration, identifying and planning resources for the migration, and creating validation rules for the migration.