SWIM Competence


SWIM solutions for the seamless exchange of information across all systems

SWIM ­– A Sophisticated System for a Great Common Goal

The need for System Wide Information Management (SWIM) was actually recognized quite a while ago, but it is only in the last couple of years it has finally received the kind of attention it deserves. The increased fragmentation of systems and services, the inconsistencies of information and lack of common situational awareness hinder the evolution and limit the throughput of the system. 

So what is needed?

Due to the complexity of aeronautical data and workflows, the high number of interfaces and the limited physical resources, the only reasonable road to improvement is the optimization of the entire system. In order to achieve that, all stakeholders should be able to exchange information in a standardized and interoperable manner in order to provide shared situational awareness and foster collaborative decision making. One way of balancing capacity and demand, as well as making the best possible use of available resources, is by way of informed decisions, based on quality-assured, timely and pertinent information.

How can that be achieved?

It can be achieved by providing standardized, open and consensus-driven information models in support of interoperability and common understanding of information. By using a service-oriented approach and consistently decoupling information producers from consumers, thus increasing the flexibility, agility and ease of system evolution. SWIM is all of that, combined with complete information and service life cycle governance in support of safety and security requirements.

“SWIM consists of standards, infrastructure and governance enabling the management of ATM information and its exchange between qualified parties via interoperable services.”SESAR