Indra Avitech provides you with full SWIM compliant solutions to bring your operations to the highest level of efficiency while following all ICAO GANP / ASBUs, SESAR and NextGen principles.

The aviation industry has SWIM as a common goal, a complex concept to understand and to follow. What makes us special is that we really get it!

This is why we can help you to implement the right solutions and make you one of the first to take an important step towards the implementation of SWIM. In order to achieve that, we bring together stakeholders able to exchange information in a standardized and interoperable manner, fostering shared situational awareness and collaborative decision-making.

We supply top performing systems that allow you to securely share information when and where it is required on a system-wide basis, with data being personalized, filtered and accessed as needed – tailored exactly to your individual requirements.

Indra Avitech SWIM Profile

  • The only available complete Civil and Military SWIM Solution including interoperability
  • Interoperability to European Union Network Manager
  • AIXM 5.1, FIXM 4.0, IWXXM 3.0
  • Server backwards compatibility
  • Compliant to the OGC WFS v2.0 specification

Indra Avitech SWIM Technology

Since 2005 Indra Avitech has been gradually developing a SWIM solution which conforms to the SWIM software architecture requirements of the EU ATM Masterplan, and the ICAO Manual on SWIM Concept (Doc 10039-AN/511).

Our unique SWIM Product integrates seamlessly AIM Services, ATM Services, MET Services, and SWIM Messaging using a service-oriented approach. The services are also available across the security boundaries between civil and military systems by taking necessary protection profiles into account.

We are already aligned with ASBU Block „B1- SWIM”, which will provide access to a wide range of services enabling standardized information exchange and maximizing interoperability.

The SWIM Server backwards compatibility ensures easy upgrades. AIXM 4.5, 5.1, FIXM 4.0, and IWXXM 3.0 de-facto standards are implemented. The usage of AIDC and OLDI is included.

Our WFS service remains one of the three world-wide reference compliant implementations for the OGC WFS v2.0 specification.


Indra Avitech (former Avitech) SWIM (AxL) - WFS is the world first OGC compliant solution for all four WFS conformance classes (Basic, Simple, Transactional and Locking).
Indra Avitech AxL WFS = Indra Avitech SWIM WFS

SWIM video - Indra Avitech