MHS Competence


Let us guide you from AFS to SWIM messaging!

Message Handling Systems – MHS

The role and importance of message handling with guaranteed end-to-end message integrity, and the requirement not to lose any message in transition, is still one of the most important requirements of the aviation system’s ground segment.

The Aeronautical Fixed Service (AFS), as a global system that has been distributing ICAO flight plans, NOTAM, meteorological and other messages, including alert and distress messages, for over half a century, is still the work horse of the ground-to-ground store and forward ICAO messaging.

Modernized in form of the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN), and gradually upgraded to the Air Traffic Services Message Handling System (ATSMHS), also referred to as AMHS, it is still the backbone of ICAO ground-ground message handling.

SWIM Messaging Component

The advent of SWIM (System Wide Information Management) requires the inclusion of store and forward messaging into the SWIM concept. In this way AMHS is still the major contributor to maintain uninterrupted ground-to-ground communication.

Increased Interoperability, Efficiency and Capacity through Ground-Ground Integration. – ICAO ASBU Block 0-25 (ICAO Doc 9750)