Message Switches for COM Centers

Due to their modular design Indra Avitech solutions for COM Centers are available in the following variants: AFTN switches, AMHS switches, AFTN/CIDIN switches, AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS switches, AFTN/AMHS gateways, two way SWIM gateways for AFTN-SWIM and AMHS-SWIM.

a The AFTN Switch Component within our switches is fully compliant with Annex 10 Vol. II. It is available with various network interfaces from classical serial lines or TCP/IP-to-SMS and other interfaces according to your specification.

b The AMHS Switch Component is based on the ITU-T X.400 (ISO/IEC 10021-1) Message Handling standard and fully compliant with ICAO Doc 9880, ICAO EUR Doc 020 – EUR AMHS Manual, EU SPEC 136 on AMHS. It provides support for the Basic and Extended ATS Message Handling Service as well as for File Transfer Body Part (FTBP) to exchange binary data.

c Our AFTN/AMHS Gateway is developed to support interoperability by connecting AMHS with existing AFTN switches. It is fully compliant with ICAO Doc 9880.

d Our AFTN/AMHS-to-SWIM Gateway establishes a bridge between AFTN/AMHS messages and SWIM messages provided that user systems or clients implement an Indra Avitech SWIM client or uses the P3 AMHS protocol. Our solution is set to implement IWXXM profile according to EUR AMHS Manual Appx. H.

e By combining all Indra Avitech MHS switch components to a full AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS/SWIM COM Center Solution, you save your investment for communications systems as your solution covers already SWIM and SWIM Messaging.