Message Switches for COM Centers

Due to their modular design, Indra Avitech solutions for COM Centers are available in the following variants: AFTN switches, AFTN/AMHS Gateways, integrated AFTN/AMHS switches, AMHS/SWIM gateways.

a The AFTN Switch Component is fully compliant with Annex 10 Vol. II. It is available with various network interfaces from traditional serial lines to TCP/IP and other interfaces according to your specification.

b The AMHS Switch Component is based on the ITU-T X.400 (ISO/IEC 10021-1) Message Handling standard and fully compliant with ICAO Doc 9880, ICAO EUR Doc 020 – EUR AMHS Manual, EU SPEC 136 on AMHS. It supports for the Basic and Extended ATS Message Handling Service including File Transfer Body Part (FTBP) to exchange binary data.

c Our AFTN/AMHS Gateway is developed to support interoperability by connecting AMHS with existing AFTN switches. It is fully compliant with ICAO Doc 9880.

d Our AMHS/SWIM Gateway establishes a bridge between AMHS and SWIM components. Our solution is set to implement IWXXM profile according to EUR AMHS Manual Appx. H.