Our integrated AFTN/AMHS system provides optimum solutions for a safe and reliable exchange of messages – serving the major players in the global aeronautical network.

In a complex aeronautical environment we devote ourselves to support you with the best available message formats, protocols and interfaces. We follow ICAO SARPs as well as regional standards and recommendations while implementing customized functions according to your specific requirements.

Our civil and military COM Centers and messaging clients are designed to ensure interoperability between users in different environments swiftly and easily. Our gateways provide a safe and reliable automatic transition of messages between various formats and protocols. The latest Indra Avitech gateway is bridging the gap between AMHS and SWIM.

Indra Avitech MHS Profile

  • First AMHS Implementation worldwide in 1996
  • AMHS/SWIM Gateway
  • Connector to any Aeronautical Fixed Service

Indra Avitech MHS Technology

Indra Avitech is known as a groundbreaking pioneer in aeronautical message handling since the 1970s. In 1996 we put the worldwide first and still biggest AMHS system based on ICAO SARPs I into operational use for the German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). We have been continuously researching and growing for more than four decades now and we still keep setting trends. We take pride in our many achievements, always providing our customers with up-to-date, high quality solutions.

Having started with AFTN, growing with CIDIN and AMHS, we today combine these applications to provide you with the best available intelligently integrated systems. Over the years we earned the trust of many Air Navigation Service Providers, Airlines and Civil/Military Aviation Authorities implementing our Aeronautical Messaging solutions.

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