MHS User Agent & MHS Connector

Our MHS User Agent and the MHS Connector provide connectivity for ATC Controllers/Supervisors and ATM systems to the AFTN and AMHS network. The Avitech SWIM pioneer also allows for connecting ATM systems to other SWIM implementations like the EU NM.

Avitech MHS User Agents have been developed to combine the convenience of a highly sophisticated ATS terminal application with the message handling capabilities of AMHS and/or AFTN. Our product range includes both AMHS User Agents and AFTN User Agents. An easy migration between the two of them is achieved by a common look and feel as well as an automatic conversion of addresses between AFTN and AMHS. 

Our solutions include the reception and transmission of messages, forms to edit various message types, parsing of received messages for proper display, storage and use of message templates plus powerful search functions with various criteria. 

The Avitech MHS CONNECTOR is a software component that allows for connecting third-party applications to the aviation messaging network without the need to handle all communication protocol aspects inside the third-party application itself. Instead, a simple to use file based interface serves as a link between any AMHS COM Center or Gateway and your own application, server, or system.

The Avitech MHS CONNECTOR is designed to run unattended without direct human interaction.




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