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Airspace Management – A Shared Resource

The basis for developing a seamless, truly global Air Traffic Management (ATM) system is an agreed structure of homogeneous ATM areas and major traffic flows/routing areas. It is on the basis of these areas and flows that the global air navigation community will be able to organize the disparate legacy elements of the worldwide aviation infrastructure into a single, global system. This is how the Global Air Navigation Capacity & Efficiency Plan (GANP – Doc 9750) describes the reason for Airspace Management – A Shared Resource.

What is needed?

Key elements of Airspace Management include sharing airspace resources between civil and military users by means of the Flexible Use of Airspace concept, using airspace across national boards known as Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs), implementing interoperability based on standards and making Aeronautical Information Management data available within the Air Traffic Management domain through an uninterrupted electronic process. In order to make maximum use of all these concepts, the implementation of collaborative decision-making processes is paramount.

The Key Component

The infrastructure enabling the implementation of ATM concepts will be based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) also known as SWIM – System Wide Information Management. Avitech supports the provision of this key element with its SWIM Product which integrates seamlessly ATM Services together with AIM Services, MET Services, and SWIM Messaging using a service-oriented approach. The services are also available across the security boundaries between civil and military systems by taking necessary protection profiles into account.

Indra Avitech and ATM

Indra Avitech has been supporting the ATM community for more than 35 years. Indra Avitech’s roots can be traced back to the first integrated flight strip systems, weather information and display systems for air traffic controllers, and approach sequencing aids. Today, Indra Avitech’s focus in the area of ATM is on inter-centre interoperability between civil and military ATC units taking different classification levels of those systems into account, online-data-interchange between centers and centers and towers, tower information management systems, integrated flight planning systems, radar chart generation software, and SWIM.