Indra Avitech's mission is to support the creation of an integrated, safer, cleaner, civil and military air traffic environment by supplying the aviation industry with databases, tools and processes.

By introducing the consensus-driven Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) systems engineering modernization strategy at both regional and state levels, we are developing a single, seamless, truly global Air Traffic Management (ATM) system in line with the 15-year rolling strategic methodology of the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP – Doc 9750).

Key elements of Airspace Management include sharing airspace resources between civil and military users by means of the Flexible Use of Airspace concept, using airspace across national boards, implementing interoperability based on standards, and making Aeronautical Information Management data available within the Air Traffic Management domain through an uninterrupted electronic downstream process.

Indra Avitech ATM Profile 

  • ATS Interfacility Data Communication between ACCs and Air Defense Units to support the Flexible Use of Airspace Concept (FUA)
  • AIM database-based radar chart generation
  • Integration of all standards such as AIXM 5.1, FIXM 4.0, IWXXM 3.0, RTCA DO-272D / EUROCAE ED-99D

Indra Avitech ATM Technology

Indra Avitech’s focus in the area of ATM is on interfacility interoperability between civil and military ATC units taking different classification levels of those systems into account, protecting higher classification levels of data, messages and networks. Indra Avitech ATM covers online data interchange between centers as well as centers and towers, tower information management systems, integrated flight plan systems, radar chart generation software, and SWIM. 

As an ATM Data and Infrastructure provider we offer, inter alia, the AIXM 5.1, FIXM 4.0, and IWXXM 3.0 data and process compliance for ATM systems. Our Indra AVITECH SWIM WFS-T 2.0 OGC compliant implementation will play for certain a key role.