Data Origination Portal

The Indra Avitech Portal was designed to support the ICAO uninterrupted electronic data chain for data origination and publication. 

It provides a platform for integrating all information, functions, processes and aeronautical data chain stakeholders across organizational boundaries via web based interface, taking into account the ICAO collect, collate, and provide functions of Annex 15. 

The Data Origination Portal provides all aeronautical data originators with a single point of entry to the AIS Centre for all relevant aeronautical data changes under their responsibility via a simple web based interface.

In order to make sure that all incoming changes are handled in accordance with a predefined quality processes, the Data Origination Portal is equipped with a comprehensive workflow engine. The workflow engine supports complex origination and approval workflows involving different organizations and units and allows the extension of the processes even before the submission of the data to the AIS Centre.

The Portal is able to implement a full aeronautical data process according to RTCA DO-200A/EUROCAE ED-176. In particular for European countries, the Portal gives total support to be compliant with Regulation (EU) 73/2010 (ADQ 1).

As an alternative to installation in custom dedicated HW infrastructure the Data Origination Portal can be hosted in a managed cloud environment. Scalable cloud hosting offers flexible, secure and cost-effective solution. Different software licensing models are available from classical non-exclusive licensing for your organization to providing Software as a Service (SaaS).