Airspace Design and Design Management

Airspace Modeller (ASM) is a tool designed for visual creation and modification of airspaces and airways. Modelling and definition of new airspaces and airways, or the change of existing ones, requires the ability to carry out impact assessments and compare the capabilities of different possible scenarios. The Airspace Modeller accesses the aeronautical database through an AIXM compliant interface, and views the data in 2D and 3D. After finalisation of a modelling activity, the new or changed airspace(s)/airway(s) will be made available in AIXM format, including defined metadata, to the AIM system


Airspace Design Management (ADM) is a web based tool designed for the centralized management of Airspace Design Projects.  ADM manages all relevant data, during all airspace design related steps (design, validation, approval, and archiving). The Integrated workflow management comes with customizable workflow definitions, allowing control of the design process, performing activities in a predefined manner, and providing information about the process status and evidence of the activities performed.