Indra Avitech Products – Comprehensive Solutions: From Single-Location to Network-Wide


Make use of our products to create your future solutions to get you ready for ICAO ASBUs!

Indra Avitech provides all manner of IT systems solutions for the aviation industry, ranging from individual, conceptual designs to comprehensive, ready-made products and services for immediate system integration. 

In order to meet the highest demands of our international customers, our range includes single components just as much as complete solutions for many different areas, including System Wide Information Management (SWIM), Air Traffic Management (ATM), Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), Message Handling Systems (MHS) and Operational Meteorological Information (MET). Our education and training programmes, maintenance service, and 24-hour support hotline round off our broad range of services.

The experience gained in many international projects combined with our unrivalled powers of innovation make Indra Avitech products the solutions of choice for many customers around the world. Furthermore, all Indra Avitech products and services – whether standardized solutions or special in-house developments – are in accordance with all necessary standards such as ICAO Annexes 4 and 15, the Quality Management System Manual for AIS/MAP Services, RTCA/EUROCAE Documents, Eurocontrol AIS Data Process and Operating Procedures for AIS Static Data, and the European Commission Regulation on Aeronautical Data and Information Quality, just to mention a few. Our products are not mere products in the typical sense of the word – in fact, we provide innovative, comprehensive solutions for many of the challenges encountered in modern day aviation.

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