15 Apr 2016

Uganda CAA uses operationally Avitech AIS and AIM

Uganda CAA is using operationally Avitech AIS and AIM state of the art technology enabling ICAO AIS to AIM Roadmap.

Phase III will provide UCAA with eTOD DB and charts generation (including ICAO), as well as some enhancement for AIS (Geodetic Map) complementing Phase II already executed. Phase III will also provide obstacle survey and procedure design portals, airspace modelling, and a number of workstations for use as simulators to train AIS providers and data originators.

Phase II was a crucial step to fulfill AIM digitalization and automation by providing UCAA with AIXM 5.1 SDO DB, and generation of electronic Aeronautical Publications (eAIP); a data originator portal was provided by Avitech to enable a QMS process of Aeronautical data entry.

Additionally, Phase II included latest available AIS features (FPL and Briefing) including seamless Web-Mobile use from Browsers, Tablets or smart phones. The automation of AIS functions began in 2012 with Phase I, the new ICAO FPL provided by Indra.