23 Mar 2017

The DHMI of Turkey keeps using AMHS Solutions provided by Avitech GmbH

The DHMI (General Directorate of State Airports Authority) of Turkey keeps using advanced ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) Solutions provided by Avitech GmbH

The DHMI, General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey, has contracted Avitech GmbH (an Indra Company) to provide Aeronautical Message Handling and Flight Plan Technol-ogy for DHMI’s new SMART Main System in Ankara as well as additional systems in the new Istanbul Grand Airport, the Cukurova Regional Airport and also a Training System.

More than 55 sites with Terminal Equipment throughout Turkey and Northern Cyprus will be connected by modern IP Network Technology. Avitech’s Terminal Software will also provide a modern Web-Service for the Aeronautical MHS operations of DHMI.

As Part of the Project, Avitech will ensure the integration of the Message Handling System into the current ATS Flight Planning environment of DHMI and provide a smooth transition of the existing system at Esenboga Airport to DHMI’s new ATC Center in Ankara.

Integration support of DHMI AMHS Services with the Pan-European IP-based network service (PENS), which is the international ground/ground communications infrastructure jointly imple-mented by EUROCONTROL and the European air navigation service providers, will be another important part of the project to ensure DHMI’s readiness to meet existing and future air traffic communication requirements.

Avitech has chosen NiSAN Elektronik Enstrumantasyon AS as the local partner for this project, to facilitate and extend cooperation with its long term Customer, DHMI.