18 Jun 2014

SWIM Master Class

Avitech to demonstrate its expertise at the SESAR SWIM Master Class organised by SESAR in Brussels, Belgium.

Avitech is pleased to announce its participation to this year’s SESAR SWIM Master Class. As an ATM Data & Infrastructure provider we are offering access to sample AIXM 5.1 data over our AxL 3.6.0 - Web Feature Service (WFS) implementation which is fully compliant with the OGC WFS 2.0 standard. This also fully transactional service allows participants of the SWIM Master Class to load/update/delete their own data and use the service as a certified official source. As a fully compliant service with all relevant OGC & ISO specifications by just exchanging the underlying GML application schemas the service can be configured to serve not only AIXM 5.1 but also any other GML syntax like IWXXM for instance.

All this will give the participants of the master class the opportunity to make their data available through a standard and open interface which fosters the development of new applications with improved interoperability thus also automatically reducing the development costs for their applications.

Last but not least, we are also participating as SWIM Master Class service provider and teaming up with a couple of international companies/organizations showing that SWIM is already a reality.

Stay tuned for more information and feel free to visit us at our stand at the SWIM Master Class Kickoff Event on the 24th of June, just outside the Europa conference room at EUROCONTROL HQ in Brussels.

SMC Programme

24 June 20142014 SESAR SWIM Master Class Launch event
1 July – 31 October 2014Open competition: Four months to develop your SWIM compliant services or applications.
26 November 20142014 SESAR SWIM best-in-class ceremony: Announcement of the 2014 winners and demonstration of the best prototypes.

For further information about the SWIM Master Class please visit: http://www.sesarju.eu/masterclass