03 Jul 2019

New logo and corporate name: Indra Avitech

Change of corporate name from Avitech to Indra Avitech  

Since its origins, Avitech´s main focus has always been on the success and satisfaction of our customers. From our range of products and solutions to our delivery teams and business model, we have consistently maintained the focus on adding value to our customers operations by delivering high quality solutions and services. This approach has allowed Avitech to be entrusted by a continuously increasing number of customers and new projects and a consequent expansion into new markets.

Since 2009 Avitech has profited from the strength and reach of a global leader in Transport und Defense Solutions by becoming part of the Indra Group.

In 2019 we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of joining the Indra Group, and therefore, we will continue as of April 8th 2019 our daily business operations under the nameIndra Avitech ”, whilst maintaining our commitment to excellence which drives our evolution to the next phase.

Our day to day Business remains the same. This change of our trade-name allows us to add the strength and recognition of the Indra brand at an international level to the values which Avitech represent for our customers.

In essence, we will continue doing what we know how to do best: to guarantee the right digital aeronautical information at the right time.