24 Jan 2017

NAMA Automates AIS and establishes CAD using technology from Avitech GmbH

Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) Automates AIS and establishes Centralized Aeronautical Database (CAD) using technology from Avitech GmbH.

Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) has started a project of vital importance for enhancing Nigeria aviation safety, efficiency and compliance to ICAO regulations, with MOCOM GmbH as prime contractor and Avitech GmbH (Indra Sistemas Group) as solution provider.

NAMA will perform the upgrade from AFTN to AMHS messaging while implementing also the important Roadmap and transition from AIS (Aeronautical Information Services) to AIM (Aeronautical Information Management). This phased project will enable to transition from a product centric environment to a data centric approach that complies with latest ICAO regulations (ICAO 21 steps Roadmap and SARPs for AIS to AIM transition, Annex 15 and ASBU Blocks) where distribution of the right information to the right stakeholders is the main goal.

The first phase of the project consists of replacing the existing NAMA switches (Avitech provided) in Lagos (DNMM) and Kano (DNKN) from AFTN to AMHS. With the new AMHS capacity, the Lagos and Kano AMHS switches will be able to establish additional AMHS international operational links in AFI Region with the already operational AMHS Switches at Cotonou (DBBB), Lome (DXXX) and with other ASECNA members that in the next year will also be using AMHS technology provided by Avitech.

The following phases will provide an integrated aeronautical Database with dynamic data and national static data in AIXM 5.1 format (latest Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) for NAMA management of dynamic and static aeronautical information.

The dynamic information (Flight Plan, NOTAM, PIB/Briefing) in the integrated Database will allow the ARO, NOF and Briefing Officers as well as the AMHS Operators to easily generate, store, manage and route all kinds of ATS messages required by ICAO Annexes and documents (e.g. Annex 15). The AIS solution implemented will be web oriented for seamless access of AIS operators via navigation with Internet common browsers, tablets or smartphones.

The integrated Database will also store the static data to empower the concept of data centric AIM and allow safe and seamless production of electronic Aeronautical Information Publications (eAIP) and Aeronautical charts generation (including ICAO Chart templates) as well as integrated automated processes against dynamic information available.
The AIM solution implemented for AIXM static data management will include a Web Portal for allowing the operators to control the system, aeronautical data, workflows and processes, the Data Originators to submit Change Requests and information and the Data Users to consume the latest information made available via NAMA web.

This project will allow NAMA to be a reference in the ICAO AFI Region by fulfilling AIM digitalization and automation and enabling a quality management system (QMS) process of aeronautical data entry and usage. The Centralized Database component of the project is capable to serve as a node to the proposed African-Indian Ocean Centralized Aeronautical Database (AFI-CAD). Data migration activities are on-going in the Database at NAMA’s Headquarters at Lagos, via a data migration server provided by Avitech.

The new AMHS/AIS/AIM system is expected to highly increase the efficiency, compliance, punctuality, safety, reliability, fuel saving and operability of the aeronautical information, air traffic management and navigation services provided by NAMA.

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