20 Oct 2020

Indra Avitech strengthens its Information Security Management System through successful global certifications

  •  Indra Avitech s.r.o. has been certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 
  •  Cyber-Essentials (issued by the Ministry of State for Digital and Culture UK) has renewed the Indra Avitech GmbH UK Cyber-Essentials certification


These accreditations acknowledge Indra Avitech 's commitment to continuous improvement in quality and security management, ensuring its products, solutions and services provided to various companies and institutions meet the most rigorous quality demands.


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - Indra Avitech s.r.o.

Prerequisite for the award of a certificate is a review / audit by an ISO/IEC 27001 auditor certified by the data protection authority of the respective European state.

An ISO/IEC 27001 auditor assessed the company’s processes, available documentation and an on-site inspection was carried out in order to examine the required evidence and to collect inputs for audit report.

From an IT perspective is the effort to achieve this type of certification profound, and requires significant effort in the areas of project and process management and consulting to bring the processes to the expected level of performance.

 Cyber - Essentials UK - Indra Avitech GmbH

The certification was initiated by the UK government in order to maintain a high level of data protection for their suppliers.

Cyber Essentials is a foundation level certification designed to provide proof of the basic controls our organization has in place to mitigate the risks from common cyber threats.

This certification is an important prerequisite (such as for the UK Ministry of Defense) for successful business relations in the field of defence and aviation.


Both certifications ensure high quality, reliable, and safety oriented products, solutions and services are provided to our customers.


A big thanks to the teams that made it possible!