26 Sep 2023

Indra Avitech: Driving Digital Transformation in Aeronautical Information Management for TANZANIA CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY(TCAA)

Comprehensive Project Scope:
Designing, Supply, Installation, Testing, Integration, and Commissioning of an Aeronautical Information Management System for the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) ,including Training and Disaster Recovery System.

The system will comprise the following modules:

  •  AIXM Database
  • Flight Procedure Design
  • Electronic AIP (eAIP)
  • Electronic Charts tools
  • Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Database (eTOD)
  • Online Flight plan tool
  • OPMET with TAC to IWXXM format data exchange 
  • AIS web Portal

This project will allow:

  • Digitalizing AIM Processes: Ensuring flight safety and sustainability in AIM service provision. This project will empower TCAA to modernize their AIM processes and revolutionize the management of aeronautical data. We're transitioning TCAA from manual AIS operations to automated AIM leading to production of electronic aeronautical information publications and streamlined flight planning.
  •  ICAO SARPS governing AIM service provision: We're committed to TCAA meeting global standards in Aeronautical Information Management. 
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Experience: Upon project completion, TCAA stakeholders can anticipate the timely provision of high-quality aeronautical information leading to efficient flight planning, operations and enhanced safety. We're enhancing flight planning and filing through efficient web-based tools and easy access to the relevant Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) in digital format.