22 Dec 2016

HungaroControl trusts Avitech for AMHS support and operations

HungaroControl Zrt. has recently renewed with Avitech the support and maintenance services for HAFAM (HungaroControl AFTN/AMHS) System delivered in 2008 and maintained operational by Avitech since 2009. With the extension of this contract, HungaroControl ensures the support from Avitech in its transition towards AMHS operations in 2017.

HungaroControl is accomplishing the final steps for its evolution to an AMHS operated system, after having upgraded both the HW and SW for their HAFAM System in 2015, as well as contracting Avitech and AC-B services for successfully passing the ICAO AMHS Conformance Tests in 2016. During last month, HungaroControl has successfully passed bilateral Interoperability Tests with Slovakia LPS and trilateral with EUROCONTROL Network Manager (2 locations) as final double-check for readiness for AMHS operations.

Avitech has supported HungaroControl AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network) operations for almost 10 years and is now providing all assistance needed for ensuring that the most important milestone is achieved and AMHS operational links are established with neighbour countries in 2017.HungaroControl will continue benefiting from the best support possible to guarantee continuity and optimal operations of such a critical system.

It is previewed that HungaroControl will gradually migrate the current AFTN links to Vienna, Belgrade, Moscow and Prague to latest extended AMHS technology provided by Avitech. Additionally, it is foreseen that new AMHS links will be established soon with Bratislava (Slovakia LPS) and EUROCONTROL Network Manager and possibly with Bucharest.

Avitech GmbH together with Indra Sistemas remain a stable partner to support HungaroControl’s leadership in the ICAO EUR Region by providing human, technical and operational cooperation as well as avant-garde, efficient, robust and safe solutions.

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