15 Feb 2018

Contract awarded to Innobiz and Avitech for the implementation of Thailand’s CAAT National AIM solution

Thailand CAAT awards Innobiz and Avitech a Consultant Services Contract for the implementation of their National AIM solution.

Friedrichshafen, Germany, February 1, 2018:  Innovative Business Co., Ltd. (Innobiz) and Avitech will supply Thailand with their proven Aeronautical Information Management  (AIM) solution based on Avitech’s commercially available Wiz@rd Suite (AIP & Charting) and AviSuite (NOTAM, PIB, FPL, Web) family of products.  The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAA)T will join a growing global group of countries which have adopted this solution to meet ICAO requirements for enhanced data quality control, accuracy, integrity and availability for aviation flight safety and navigation.

In addition, the two companies will provide the supporting services described below, which are essential for the successful implementation and to meet the future needs of growing Air Traffic Control requirements of Thailand’s Asian hub:

  • Migration of currently available AIP/chart data to the national AIXM database to allow the automatic production of Thailand’s AIRAC AIP including existing charts.
  • Automatic generation of new aeronautical charts using the national AIXM AIP data.
  • Migration and collation of national eTOD/AMDB data for detailed Obstacle and Terrain area mapping.
  • Support for CAAT to set up an Operational Concept and Quality Management Solution (QMS) in a SWIM environment which meets the AIM quality assurance requirements described in ICAO Annexes 4 and 15 and which can be ISO 9000 certified.

Avitech GmbH is one of the leading international developers of IT systems for the aviation industry providing wide-ranging solutions in the areas of System Wide Information Management (SWIM), Air Traffic Management (ATM), Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) and Message Handling Systems (MHS). These systems are used by civil and military air navigation service providers, government agencies, civil aviation authorities and airlines in more than 50 countries around the world. Our workforce reflects our global international presence with 140 skilled employees from 16 different nations working at our locations in Friedrichshafen, Frankfurt/Main and Constance in Germany and Bratislava in Slovakia.

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