25 Feb 2014

Cambodia international AMHS link to Thailand

Cambodia Air Traffic Services (CATS) has announced the full operation of their International AMHS link, including Avitech's AviSuite AFTN/AMHS system, between Phnom Penh (VDPP) and Bangkok (VTBB), which went operational on December 11th, 2013.

The new integrated AviSuite AFTN/AMHS system in the COM Centre of Phnom Penh was delivered by Avitech GmbH well within the contracted schedule, and full support was provided for interoperability and pre operational testing as part of the delivery. The system in Phnom Penh is a very robust high availability HP Blade solution with main and standby servers and a remote Disaster Recovery System for back up. Connection with Thailand is by dedicated VSAT line with available landline contingency. The expected system availability, already proven to date, is 99.999.

Apart from 2 AFTN legacy systems, all domestic subscribers use the AMHS User Agent functionality of AviTerm, which is Avitech¹s universal messaging client terminal. The AviSuite AFTN/AMHS gateway software ensures communication between all international and domestic AMHS and AFTN systems connected to the Phnom Penh COM Centre. The installed system supports both the basic and extended AMHS services defined in the ICAO Doc 9880, Part II. The Avitech solution ensures compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL AMHS specifications, with Asia/Pac regional AMHS standards, and all applicable EC Safety and interoperability regulations.

Avitech ist pleased to be an important part of this CATS project and if further information is required, please contact Mr Jürgen Fischer from Avitech GmbH or Mr Sivarak Chutipong from CATS.

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