30 Jan 2020

Cambodia Air Traffic Services Co., Ltd. (CATS) contracts Indra Avitech to implement Cambodia Airport eTOD Services

Indra Avitech will supply Cambodia Air Traffic Services (CATS) with services in support of CATS’ newly installed Indra Avitech AIS/AIM System.  Specifically, Indra Avitech will be responsible for eTOD (electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data) processing and charting services for all of Cambodia’s international airports, using newly acquired obstacle data supplied by CATS.

This project will be of utmost importance for CATS, as it will allow significant progress in compliance to the ICAO AIS to AIM 21 steps Roadmap, as well as ASBU Block 0 and Block 1 modules. Indra Avitech’s extensive experience will allow CATS to achieve this transition in the most efficient and reliable way.

Indra Avitech will further provide CATS with supporting services and integration capabilities essential for successful implementation and to meet the needs of additional electronic charting requirements.

“This new project consolidates the trust and confidence put in Indra Avitech after years of cooperation”, states Jon Goyarzu, Managing Director of Indra Avitech.

Indra Avitech is a major supplier of Aeronautical Information solutions in the Asia Pacific countries, with systems in Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, Macau, Malaysia, and Thailand.


Indra Avitech GmbH is one of the leading international developers of systems for the aviation industry providing wide-ranging solutions in the areas of System Wide Information Management (SWIM), Air Traffic Management (ATM), Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) and Message Handling Systems (MHS). Civil and military air navigation service providers, government agencies, civil aviation authorities and airlines in more than 55 countries around the world use these systems. Our workforce reflects our global international presence with 140 skilled employees from 16 different nations working at our locations in Friedrichshafen, Langen (Frankfurt / Main) and Constance in Germany and Bratislava in Slovakia.