12 Nov 2018

Cambodia Air Traffic Services Co., Ltd. (CATS) contracts Avitech to implement Cambodia’s National Aeronautical Information Solutions.

Avitech’s extensive experience will allow CATS to achieve this transition in the most efficient and reliable way.

Avitech will supply Cambodia Air Traffic Services (CATS) with their proven advanced Aeronautical Information solutions based on Avitech’s commercially available AIS (NOTAM, FPL, PIB/Briefing and WebAIS) and AIM (e.g. eAIP & Aeronautical Charting based on AIXM 5.1 DB) family of products, in orer to guarantee the quality and consistency of the digital aeronautical data of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

This project will be of utmost importance for CATS, as it will allow significant progress in compliance to the ICAO AIS to AIM 21 steps Roadmap, as well as ASBU Block 0 and Block 1 modules related to Digital AIM and SWIM. 

With the procurement of these solutions, CATS joins a growing group of countries that have adopted Avitech systems as their solution to meet ICAO requirements for enhanced data quality control, accuracy, integrity and availability for aviation flight safety and navigation.

Avitech will further provide CATS with supporting services and integration capabilities essential for successful implementation and to meet the future needs of growing Air Traffic Control requirements:

    Migration of currently available AIP/chart data to the national AIXM database to allow the automatic production of Cambodia’s AIRAC AIP including existing charts.

         Automatic generation of new aeronautical charts using the national AIXM AIP data.

         Migration and collation of national eTOD/AMDB data for detailed Obstacle and Terrain area mapping.

      Integration of auxiliary information like OPMET DB for integrated Briefing purposes and Procedures Design for seamless compliance to PBN/RNAV concepts.

        Support for CATS to implement an Operational Concept and Quality Management Solution (QMS) in a SWIM environment meeting the AIM quality assurance requirements described in ICAO Annexes 4 and 15 and which can be ISO 9001 certified.

“This new project consolidates the trust and confidence put in Avitech after years of cooperation – since 2013 CATS has been operating the AMHS/AFTN System provided by Avitech confirming our experience and strong presence as Aeronautical Information solutions provider in the Asia Pacific region and around the world”, states Jon Goyarzu, Managing Director of Avitech.