10 Jul 2018

Avitech will attend the ICAO 13th Air Navigation Conference.

The theme of the Conference is “From Development to Implementation”

As a recognized figure in the Air Navigation sector, Avitech will attend the 13th Air Navigation Conference organized by ICAO at Montréal (Canada), from 9-19 October 2018.

Avitech is Gold Sponsor of this event as part of the Indra group.

The theme of the conference is “From Development to Implementation” which encompasses implementation of operational improvements, such as technology, operational concepts, and roadmaps, from the conceptual phase until deployment. It emphasizes the importance of concepts for global use, development of implementation plans regionally, and implementation of performance improvements locally, based on specific operational requirements in a cost-effective manner.

“This is an excellent opportunity to discuss and propose solutions related to flight safety and air navigation capacity” states Mr. Tsvetan Penev (Head of Product Management of Avitech) .” And of course, it is always a pleasure to participate and propose recommendations in key areas of the air navigation system”

We live in a time where ground-breaking improvements and paradigm changes are becoming reality. The migration from products to data and data sets, the new PANS-AIM manual and related changes to Annex 14 and 15, the new provisions for SWIM and progress made in the Information Management Panel (IMP), and last but not least the migration from TAC to IWXXM in the MET domain and related changes are all examples of this.


Avitech - Atendees:

Mr. José Ignacio Rodríguez - Sales manager

Mr. Tsvetan Penev - Head of Product Management

Gold Sponshorship: Sponsored lunch on the 16th October by Indra.

For more information, please visit www.icao.com