02 Jun 2017

Avitech Data-centric Aeronautical Information Management System for AACM thru ICAO

The Civil Aviation Authority of Macao has contracted through ICAO an Avitech turnkey solution for transitioning to AIM

The AACM (Civil Aviation Authority of Macao) has contracted through ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) an Avitech turnkey solution for transitioning to AIM the existing Macau AIS system provided also by Avitech (NOTAM and Briefing System successfully operational for more than 15 years). This new project will enhance AACM provision of aeronautical information and services and increase aviation safety, efficiency and compliance to ICAO regulations.

AACM will have a system enabling the ICAO transition from AIS (Aeronautical Information Services) to AIM (Aeronautical Information Management). This phased project will enable a data centric approach instead of the current product centric environment in order to comply with latest ICAO regulations (ICAO 21 steps Roadmap and SARPs for AIS to AIM transition, Annex 15 and ASBU Blocks) promoting full situational awareness for all involved stakeholders.
The contracted scope will ensure the provision of an integrated aeronautical Database with integrated national static data in AIXM 5.1 format (latest Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) and dynamic data with web based technology capability (i.e. Web AIS and Web Portal for AIM). The AIS functionalities provided (Flight Plan, NOTAM, PIB/Briefing) will allow the ARO, NOF and Briefing Officers seamless use and management of dynamic information via a standalone solution or common browser navigation from PCs, tablets or smartphones. Additionally, Meteorological information (OPMET) will be provided and integrated.
The integrated Database will empower the concept of data centric AIM and allow safe, automated and consistent production of electronic Aeronautical Information Publications (eAIP), Aeronautical charts generation (including ICAO templates) as well as integration of Procedures Design functions through AIXM 5.1. data export and import capacity.
The AIM solution implemented for AIXM static data management will include a Web Portal for allowing the operators to manage the aeronautical data, workflows and processes, the Data Originators to easily submit Change Requests and information and the Data Users to consume the latest information made available via AACM web or shared with other stakeholders through Avitech SWIM solution (AxL).
This project will allow AACM to fulfill their plans of AIM digitalization and automation while enforcing quality management system (QMS) processes for aeronautical data entry and usage. The new AIS/AIM system will promote in AACM an increase of efficiency, compliance, punctuality, safety, reliability, fuel saving and operability of the aeronautical information and air navigation services provided.