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30 January 2020
Cambodia Air Traffic Services Co., Ltd. (CATS) contracts Indra Avitech to implement Cambodia Airport eTOD Services

Indra Avitech will supply Cambodia Air Traffic Services (CATS) with services in support of CATS’ newly installed Indra Avitech AIS/AIM System. ...


12 September 2019
Indra, Nominated as National Industrial Coordinator of the FCAS Program (Future European Combat Air System)

The Spanish Government has appointed Indra as the national industrial coordinator of the European FCAS (Future Combat Air System) defense program, the...


18 July 2019
New Indra Avitech offices in Slovakia

We are excited to announce that our team in Bratislava has moved to a new location! 


03 July 2019
New logo and corporate name: Indra Avitech

Change of corporate name from Avitech to Indra Avitech  


09 April 2019
AIM High if you want to SWIM

In an ever changing and demanding regulatory AIM environment, our goals must be set very high and target a safer airspace


15 February 2019
Avitech awarded with the certificate of "berufundfamilie".

Our employees have always done excellent work and contributed to the success of the company. As a responsible employer, we want to take full account...


11 December 2018
Avitech awarded with the Cyber Essentials Certifications

Avitech is committed to to security and data protection.


12 November 2018
Cambodia Air Traffic Services Co., Ltd. (CATS) contracts Avitech to implement Cambodia’s National Aeronautical Information Solutions.

Avitech’s extensive experience will allow CATS to achieve this transition in the most efficient and reliable way.


28 August 2018
DHMİ transitions into AMHS operations using Avitech Technology

The Transition into Operations was completed within just one month after successful Acceptance Tests, with DHMİ expressing complete satisfaction with...


10 July 2018
Avitech has been invited to attend the interregional EUR/MID PANS-AIM Workshop

Expecting the introduction of the long awaited PANS-AIM manual and related changes.


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