Bratislava – one of Eastern Europe’s aspiring aviation locations

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is the home of our subsidiary Indra Avitech s.r.o., which has become our second largest location. It is an ideal addition to our portfolio with which the increasing AIM market can be served. Bratislava is not only the political, cultural and economic centre of Slovakia as well as its largest city, but also the location of the country’s main international airport. Bratislava's universities and colleges provide highly skilled and motivated graduates to enrich the Indra Avitech team.

The main fields of activity in Bratislava are local sales as well as regional project management. The core areas of competence located in Bratislava include engineering and product development for Aeronautical Information Management as well as software development.

Indra Avitech s.r.o.

Twin City Tower Mlynské Nivy, 10
821 09 Bratislava
Phone: +421 (0) 2 55 64 28 01
Fax: +421 (0) 2 55 64 28 03

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