Indra Avitech – An Expert in the International Aviation Business from the Beginning


One needs to know the past to understand the present and to build the future!

Indra Avitech has been at the forefront of the International aviation business since its early formation from the renowned companies Telefunken, AEG, Dornier, Deutsche Aerospace (DASA) and Northern Telecom since the 1960s.

In 2010 the sole shareholding in Avitech GmbH was transferred from the Avitech Mitarbeiterbeteiligungs GmbH to Indra Sistemas S.A., Madrid, Spain after 7 years of successful company management by the employees.

In 2019 we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of joining the Indra Group, and therefore, we will continue as of April 8th 2019 our daily business operations under the nameIndra Avitech ”, whilst maintaining our commitment to excellence which drives our evolution to the next phase.

Only those who are aware of the past, who build on it and draw lessons from it, can shape the future.

That is why our concentrated expertise in combination with more than 40 years of experience are the cornerstones of our future development, ensuring that we will be able to go from strength to strength in providing cutting-edge solutions for the international aviation business in the years to come.